Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament Building

I didn’t know much about the capital of Hungary, up until I entered the city and let me tell you, I was both impressed and disappointed with it, and the negative part came more or less with its inhabitants. People there seemed to me to be somehow unfitting for the city. Let me start with that. They seemed a bit less culturally equal to the environment and atmosphere of Budapest. With that being said, the architecture is really impressive all over the city, there was, however, something that was bothering me during the whole trip, which I understood only later, there were no trees or much nature for that matter. This is why I though the city was a bit empty. In the end, however, the Hungarian Parliament Building, lit during the evenings, made the whole difference for me regarding this trip, probably because I got to see it from a small boat that was floating on the Danube river. Fisherman’s Bastion, from where you could see the whole city is another stop I recommend you to make when visiting Budapest. Even with my small complaints (I am quite picky), which you may find untrue, I think that Budapest is a must for travellers or for anyone that wants to see a bit more of the world!


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