Cambridge, United Kingdom


King’s College, Cambridge

Cambridge has always been on my travel wishlist, even though I was unaware of it. I always associated the place with Harry Potter, which I am a big fan of, so when I got the opportunity to visit it just in time for Christmas, I was all for it. My sister is currently studying there for the master degree, so I got the chance to live a bit of the well-known Cambridge University student life as well (and let me tell you, we imagine a lot of things about it that may not necessarily be true).

The town is quite small, but packs in a lot of history, beautiful architecture, nice and educated people, diverse cultural activities and during this time of the year, a lot of Christmas lights and trees, which, again, I completely appreciated. The magnitude of the whole place in terms of architecture combines beautifully with nature and the peacefulness that surrounds the whole town. I discovered the charming small corners of the town by simply taking strolls in the mornings, which I recommend you do it as well if you happen to be in Cambridge. Other than that, King’s College is a must, you should also check out the little festivals or concerts in the town, all museums, especially Fitzwilliam Museum.

In terms of prices, it is quite expensive to live there, however, that is expected. There is no one single complaint I can make about this town and I am quite picky, so I guess that this place has made a huge impression on me. Overall, I think that Cambridge is for people that enjoy a nice combination of cosiness and dynamics.

River Cam, Cambridge

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