Trogen, Switzerland


Trogen is a small town in the north of Switzerland that I stayed in for 3 weeks for an intercultural exchange summer school. The place is even a more toned down version of Cambridge in terms of atmosphere. It is surrounded by hills and forests, has small houses with charming small wooden windows, nice people and again a great amount of nature. Overall, Trogen gives off the vibes of a well-developed, rustic village. There isn’t much to do but explore and relax there, although you may find some small local festivals you could go to and make unique friendships. If not, St. Gallen or even Lichtenstein is not very far away, only a 2 hours drive. Trogen has been to me the closest I could get to a Hobbit-like place without having to travel all the way to New Zealand. This is probably the only non-touristy I have visited so far, but it has definitely made a great impression on me!


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